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The Mae Deli

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Best breakfast in London!

I’ve been following Ella Woodward on Instagram and her blog for a long time so I couldn’t wait to try her restaurant during my next trip to London.

There it’s all about delicious, natural, and seasonal food. The menu is entirely free from wheat, dairy, additives, and refined sugar.

In the mornings, choose from a base of oat porridge, coyo, acai or chia pudding and choose 3 toppings : house-made granola, fruit compote, coconut flakes and nut butter. If toast is more your thing, go for the one with smashed avo or the deli’s version of PB&J. Later in the day, you can have a bowl with 4 different kinds of salads of meals like miso and sesame glazed aubergine, maple roasted sweet potato, wild rice salad… You can even add a portion of salmon or chicken to your salad plate.

Duck & Waffle





Yesterday night at Duck & waffle.

I have no words to describe it. My best night since I have been arriving here. The view was as stunning as expected and the food was amazing too!

The restaurant was very busy and as it’s one of the most popular in London, it’s very hard to get a booking – I booked a few weeks in advance for a Monday night.

We shared the dish that provided the name of the restaurant ; the « duck&waffle » The leg of confit duck was perfectly crisp and the mustard maple syrup was also incredible. In addition to that, I tried the « foie gras crème brûlé », a must order, and the glazed lamb… plus a dessert because I always have place for dessert!

A nice bar, fantastic atmosphere, a wonderful view AND delicious food . and even better ; Duck & Waffle is open twenty-four hours a day, Maybe I should try it once as an after-party…?